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Public Health and Population Health Research

HubBucket Health360 ("HubHealth360") is a Research and Division at HubBucket Inc

HubBucket Health360 ("HubHealth360") is a Research Division at HubBucket Inc., that focus on:

  • Healthcare
  • Public Health
  • Population Health

VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild
Founder, Chairman, President/CEO
HubBucket Inc | New York, NY (USA)

Technology Development for Publich Health and Population Health
Technology Development for Publich Health and Population Health

Public Health

Public Health can be defined as what “we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy” (Institute of Medicine, 1988). Examples of interventions include policy interventions and programs (e.g., smoking cessation and immunization campaigns). Public Health is concerned with the health of a community as a whole. It prevents disease and protects the health of communities through organized efforts to keep people healthy and prevent injury, illness, and premature death. The efforts are undertaken through a combination of programs, services, and policies that protect and promote the health of whole communities. The size of the interventions can vary based on the size of the group being targeted. Public Health interventions focus on the direct prevention of disease.

Population Health

Kindig and Stoddart (2003), define Population Health as “an approach that focuses on interrelated conditions and factors that influence the health of populations over the life course, identifies systematic variations in their patterns of occurrence, and applies the resulting knowledge to develop and implement policies and actions to improve the health and well-being of those populations.”

Population Health has a focus on the health of the entire population or a select sub-population. It has an emphasis on the societal structures, attitudes, and behaviors which influence health. The goal of population health is to improve health and reduce health inequities between populations.

The differences in health status between groups are examined using the Social Determinants of Health - SDH.

The Social Determinants of Health - SDH, are demonstrated in further detail here. To diminish inequities and improve the health of populations, Population Health designs interventions using system level approaches. It acts as a basis for allocating health resources to health protection and promotion efforts before illness prevention and treatment are necessary. A Population Health approach tackles health issues in a broad context.

Technology Development for Publich Health and Population Health

Important Note:

HubBucket Inc., ("HubBucket") was Founded by and is Owned by Mr. VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild. HubBucket Inc., ("HubBucket") is a Science an Technology Research and Development - R&D corporation, focused developing technology for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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